Her artistic series « dissection » forms an aesthetic corpus between still life, portraiture and installation. She also uses hypnosis as a creative process, as a way to bypass the ego and parasitic thoughts in order to focus on her feelings and imagination. It questions the representation of the finitude of the body and archaic initiation ceremonies by putting them in parallel with the big polluting industries such as plastics, armaments or textiles. Her photographic medium allows her an instantaneity and an intimacy that oppose the baroque decorations of which she surrounds her models. Lucile Lejoly has long been a model and a tattoo artist, is that why she today symbolizes the body as an ephemeral object and artistic medium, which despite modern devices remains deeply primitive? Floating bodies, embalmed in precious Raphaelite decorations tell us about polluting industries, rituals, psychoanalyses, symbols and resilience. Despite its sometimes harsh and condemning themes, the graphical result seems to float in the eyes of the viewer. By breaking up her amateur models, sometimes encountered in the street, Lucile Lejoly offers to the spectators to bring back some buried emotions, like a rebirth in spite of the traumatic erosion. By representing his sacraments; it encourages to position oneself on the question of the relation between the body, the spirit and its environment.


Lejoly Lucile, 1986, FRANCE

Born in 1986 in Brittany (France) Lives in Tours, France Addressing issues related to climate, psychology, body and emotions, Lucile Lejoly brings to the surface a poetic and traumatic image. She breaks taboos and truths by cultivating an aesthetic that is both brutal and mannerist. This multidisciplinary artist uses photography and drawing as tools of questioning and testimony to her feelings. With her experiences as a model and renowned tattoo artist, she lived in Japan for six years before returning to emergency in France following the disaster of Fukushima in 2011. An event that marks her psychology and her work by bringing her closer to the world. present moment, encouraging her to contemplate and accept her feelings. Since then her artistic practice has diversified, sensitive to the Work of Total Art she realizes many creations where drawings, photographs, tattoos, paintings, installations and poems are mixed. She skilfully mixes a contemplative aesthetic and a rational message inherited from her interest in Spinoza.

Available works


  • V.I.T.R.I.O.L, tattoo photos book – published in 2018
  • New erotica photography 2 – Feat with Ikeya Tomohide
  • Moon – by Ikeya Tomohide

Selected group exhibitions

  • BURABURA (Tokyo-JP) 2007 with Watanabe Shinji
  • Amour vague (Tokyo-JP) 2007 with Watanabe Shinji
  • Tokyo Seibu (Tokyo-JP) 2011
  • Great British Tattoo show – Alexandra Palace (Londres-UK) 2016

Artist collaborations

  • Watanabe Shinji
  • Ikeya Tomohide
  • Boris
  • DVNE
  • Pallbearer
  • Wallachia
  • Dope DOD
  • Igorrr
  • Conjurer
  • Love sex Machine
  • Crackhouse
  • Toekan
  • Coilguns
  • Witchtroat serpent
  • Atomic trip
  • Tuskar

Press & selected publications

  • Presse Océan juin 2012
  • Presse Océan 2015
  • Inked 2014
  • Tatouage numéro 107
  • Tatouage numéro 117
  • Tatouage numéro 121
  • Le guide du tatouage en 2019 hors-série numéro 2

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